I am a WordPress specialist web consultant


I am a DreamHost consultant. I assist the support team with special WordPress cases and contribute to the global WordPress community.

WordPress Community

I am part of the WordPress Bogotá community, where I participate as an organizer and speaker. I also write about my experience using WordPress in my blog.

Web development

I build websites only with WordPress. I have been implementing web design for over fourteen years.
I’m focused on the WordPress Site Editor.

Jos, with some of the WordPress Community Bogotá members.

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Websites that last and are easy to edit


I have built websites for advertising agencies, companies, universities, and professionals.


I’m given a design and can make it happen with the WordPress Site Editor and the best plugins available.

Work team

I’ve worked with Nina, my design partner, at Monday Lovers for eleven years.

With Nina, I’ve built several websites with large amounts of information, professional portfolios, magazines, and online stores for large companies, government, and individual professionals.

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