Why did I stop blogging?

There was a time when blogging was trendy, and there were things called blogrolls where you recommended your friends in the sidebar.

Everyone read each other and commented… it was so cool. RSS was the way to subscribe.

As a fashion, blogs stopped being popular, and people began replacing them with microblogging on platforms like Twitter.

The sidebar of websites stopped making sense as people began to consume more from their cell phones.

Then, podcasts and vlogs (video blogs) became fashionable.

Everything became more vertical, even advertising.

When creators stop publishing with the same frequency, they usually make apologetic content with titles like this post. Why did I stop blogging?

It’s not my case. I stopped blogging due to an emotional breakup.

Then, I dedicated myself to building websites for others using WordPress without knowing it would become my way of earning a living.

Blogging involves effort but not as much as vlogging. The thing with this type of means of expression is that for the creator, although it does not always return money, it often serves as pseudo-therapy. Or as a way to improve your reputation if you use them professionally.

So, blogs still have a place in my heart.

Now, I blog about WordPress. And I plan these posts to serve as outlines for video content.


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