Why I skipped apps, blockchain, and probably AI for web development

There are always trends on the web—promises of new shiny 3D worlds that will revolutionize how we make websites. Most of them vanish as time goes by.

After Flash thankfully declined, and so did the websites with intros, a more accessible web prevailed, which was more boring to look at but with crawlable content.

It was hard to animate objects again, and apps were born. Magazines could animate even the flip of their pages, recreating the eternal symbolism of paper within the digital world.

Most apps were, in reality, glorified websites—expensive monsters whose content was complicated to update. RSS feeds were their combustible.

Meanwhile, flat icons removed the personality of classic textured design, and app families started to look too much alike. 

Some apps had to split in two, and so did their users.

The notifications war started, competing for attention.

The web was slow, but it still learned from these new standards.

You could save web shortcuts that looked like an app! Boring!

Sliders appeared. Iuuck!

As with each trend, everyone wanted to make quick money, but after a while, they stopped talking about it.

AI seems to be a giant magnet for everyone, not just fools!

But, even Google presents its answers with information that seems to be everything but wise.

AI is pretty affordable for playing with HTML blocks. But, it still needs much work from humans to sell itself or good documentation to work decently.

Frankly, generating good documentation from which to pull information takes a lot of work, and most humans work hard only if they think they’ll obtain easy gold.

Jos Velasco.

Follow me for these kinds of texts that AI has not yet written. P.S. Did you see how I skipped blockchain even from this mini-essay?

CC0 licensed photo by Sam Alderson from the WordPress Photo Directory.

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