How to modify websites without having to close them using the cache

It is common for websites to be redesigned and spend some time offline while new files are uploaded or design or structure modifications are made. Usually, there is no need.

For minor modifications, there is a trick that I have used a lot. The cache is a static version of a website, which is generated mainly so that visitors can browse faster without the server having to access all of its resources all the time.

I suggest that while maintenance is being carried out, the cache should be activated for all users except site administrators so that visitors will continue browsing as if nothing had happened while administrators can work on the latest changes without fear.

You have to take into account the configuration of the cache system. For example, checking how often it refreshes is crucial. I turn off automatic cache clearing while making changes to sites. Also, some actions, like saving a Page, will clear that cache’s content.

Remember to clear the cache when you finish.


CC0 licensed photo by Pablo Moratinos from the WordPress Photo Directory.

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