Why back up a website

Making a website backup is essential to experiment with our information safely, update the system, move the site to another server, and check that our backup works.

To experiment without fear

I remember the day when my uncle, who repairs computers, told me not to be afraid of them and that nothing wrong could happen with them. He lied. Computers can be damaged when experimenting with them, but his advice has helped me a lot.

Experimenting is one of the most effective ways to learn something.

What causes fear of experimenting? Many times, we ruin things. In the case of websites, if we have no idea what we are doing or if we like to perform dangerous maneuvers, we can make a backup to restore everything to its original state.

To update the system

If our website is generated using a content management system such as WordPress, it is highly recommended to back it up before updating it.

With new updates, our design and functionality can be affected or cause fatal errors that prevent us from accessing the site or even losing information.

Document yourself to know if it is safe to update and the correct way.

Additionally, updating the system is essential to prevent the site from being vulnerable to attacks.

To move the website to another server

A full backup is nothing more than a copy of the website.

By downloading said copy, we can take it to another hosting provider of our convenience whenever we want. Maybe to a more powerful, cheaper, or more compatible server.

In addition, making a backup can help us realize the actual weight of the site. We can detect possible errors when changing servers and give it a general cleaning before doing so.

To test our backup

There is no point in creating a website backup if we cannot trust it.

There are different ways to check a backup.

The database backup is a text file we can open in a text editor and review.

The best test is migrating the site to another server or another folder to ensure it works.


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