I don’t know what to write about on my blog

Has it happened to you that you have the conviction to write on your blog but you don’t know what? Below I share a series of recommendations to avoid writer’s block.

Write about what you already know

Exploring unknown topics can be very interesting, however it takes a long time and you will most likely not be able to contribute as much as those who know the subject.

By writing about a topic that you master, you can contribute from your experience.

One of the simplest formats is lists. Like this same entry. You can start with a general index of the topics you would like to address and gradually develop them.

Review your stats

Measuring statistics helps you make decisions about the route to follow with your blog.

Check which topics are the most popular and which rank best. Are there any topics that you haven’t explored enough?

A good starting point is to consolidate what you’ve already published on similar topics.

Check the competition

If your blog is well structured and you know the main categories you would like to cover, a good idea to find topics is to keep an eye on your rivals.

Surely there is something that they lack or that you don’t agree with in their approach. Remember that on your blog you can decide the way you would like to tell everything and you can do it better than others.

Edit your published content

If you simply can’t find what to write about, remember that you can go back to your past content to update it, add new points, and improve its writing.

The advantage of doing this is that you can take the opportunity to link them and give them new life, share them again on the networks and thus reactivate them.

Closing words

As long as you commit to your blog, writing on it doesn’t have to be a burden. There are several tasks you can review before giving up on the blank page. Remember that you can always ask for help from the community you are creating, take up their comments, and invite collaborators or hire professionals to create content or edit it.

The best advice I can give you is to enjoy the process of writing so that you can do it for a long time.


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