The experience of building websites with WordPress and Gutenberg

I still remember the excitement of stopping using the commercial builder plugin I used to build websites.

“I know Gutenberg isn’t finished yet, but even if I put a lot of CSS into it anyway, I think it’s worth a try.”

My past self in pandemic times

I don’t regret it, it’s just that it has been a pain to maintain the sites I developed because from time to time things get misconfigured.

But it’s my fault who tells me, to give you an example, to use a theme that in its description says that it is not intended for use in production since it is experimental.

Gutenberg is now much more than an experiment. It is a strong bet on the future of web democracy. And if, for some reason, it does not become 100% democratic, at least I like the democracy it is heading towards.

It’s fast, pretty clean, and considers many accessibility issues by default. Since you understand all its pieces, the direction it takes makes sense.

And well, I’m experimenting sparingly, too. Thanks to the fact that I have tried not to touch the code much and I make mostly purely informative sites, putting it on the balance, it has been quite convenient for me to leap.

There is a fascinating sea of ​​discussions on accessibility, interfaces, design, development, and even philosophy in various Make WordPress channels.

“Once the navigation block is available in Core, I will stop using the Gutenberg plugin”

Jos, from last weekend

For me it has been a joy to “lurk” the subprojects and spin the brilliant ideas of how incredibly complex it is to build a web layout. It’s overwhelming.

My respects.

At least for me, every day, there is exciting work to do, and the voices of the notifications I receive make me excited. Have you ever subscribed to a repository’s issues? You can read real-time discussions with talented people and how they resolve them.

The development of block-based themes that will be included in Core, such as Twenty Twenty-Two, the most flexible default theme of all time, fascinates me.

Imagine, this is a theme that, due to its importance, has the power to strongly influence the decisions of the entire project.

Before its release, I follow the progress at

I have been silent on the issue of whether Gutenberg is stable or not for the same reason, because of the work it has cost me to adopt it before many.

But I am very, very grateful to the collaborators. It was already necessary for those who designed sites to turn around to see them. I am comfortable and very encouraged for 2022 and its possibilities.

-Jos of the present.

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