If you are new to e-commerce, choose WooCommerce

When you start selling online, you usually haven’t defined all the details of your products or services. Start safe and spend your money on WordPress.

Save money by choosing WordPress

When you choose a non-open-source platform, you are usually tied to monthly fees, whether you manage to sell or not. And if you make a sale, you must pay a percentage.

Using WooCommerce with the basic options will allow you to save some money until you know precisely what functionalities you will need to extend your store capabilities.

By choosing WordPress, you will have to pay for a hosting service, but starting with an inexpensive plan is possible since you probably won’t have many visitors at first. Hence, you will not need many server resources.

WooCommerce is heavy and works best with specialized WordPress hosting such as DreamPress. But if you configure caching correctly, you can even start with a basic hosting shared plan.

Start safe by owning your data

Suppose you are unsure about all the details of your products or services, such as the description, the price, the plans you want to offer, the promotions, etc. In that case, you can always start with a limited version of your store while benefiting from the organic positioning.

For example, if you are not ready to sell but want people to know more about your products, you can attach a simple form to each of them to start conversations with your possible customers.

Using a platform like WooCommerce, which runs under WordPress, you own your data and can export it if you want to migrate to another platform later.

If you grow your website to a closed platform, the lock-in effect could significantly affect you when you cannot easily export and import your products.

Grow beyond your imagination

Imagine your website becomes a prominent magazine that drives content organically or has a complex membership setup connected to a CRM. A commercial limited e-commerce solution will probably fall short for you.

WordPress is highly flexible due to its popularity. You won’t have to switch when your project grows and will be able to get design, content, and development experts as needed. Even free help from the community!

WordPress can even connect to external platforms in other programming languages to grow more using several APIs and integrations. Options are limitless.

Jos Velasco.

I can guide you if you have any questions about WordPress and WooCommerce. Leave me a comment, or let’s connect through my social networks.

CC0 licensed photo by Angela Jin from the WordPress Photo Directory.

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