Tips for using your email

An excellent way to use your email inbox is to keep it as tidy as possible to review your pending tasks. Here are some extra tips to manage your inbox.

Leave only emails in your inbox that you cannot or do not wish to reply to immediately. These will become your to-do list.

Archive emails that you don’t need but could be helpful to you at some point. The search engine, tags, and filters you create will help you reach them later.

Mark unwanted emails as spam. If it is a newsletter that you did not request, there should be a way to unsubscribe. If there is not, ask for it manually. If the emails persist, you can create a filter to delete them automatically.

Check your spam folder occasionally; emails with multiple links can be detected as spam even if they are not.

Delete emails you don’t need. Although they weigh little, they can steal space from your mind.

When you write your emails, include keywords that will help you find the email later if you perform a search. “There’s your bill” differs from “Invoice January 2024 Project Client.”

Use a signature to promote yourself; Use actual clickable links, not just images.


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