How important is it to choose the right domain for my website?

It is not as important as it used to be, but here are some valid considerations to choose the right domain.

Generic domains

There was a time when random dictionary words or services would be available.

Even if you manage to buy a short and sweet .com, people usually don’t go to the browser to manually write it in the address bar.

This activity is more for domain brokers or domain aficionados. Even domain resellers will offer you premium domains, but it is more of a business for them than what you will get.

Even now that we have many available domain extensions, it is not guaranteed to “win” one premium domain. Premium domains are usually costly, so owning one is more of a personal choice.

Length of domain

There are services to create short URLs that will even give you stats about the traffic that went through them. So, even if you don’t own a short domain, you can always redirect from one of these services.

QR codes are another visual and easy way to reach a long URL from a physical location by pointing your camera at them.

Social networks like X no longer consider the number of URL characters, making the length of the domain irrelevant.

A regular link will work well unless you constantly communicate your domain by voice.

If you have a long domain, you can compensate the URL by adding a short slug to the page you want to link—for example,

Just try not to change it

Think of your domain as the house of your business. Years will pass, and people will know where you are, and you will gain authority and reputation as a classic.

If someone tries to find you on their browser and they remember the domain, it will likely appear in their browser history.

If you change your domain to another one, ensure to configure proper redirects to avoid losing traffic and organic juice.

Make enough time for people who used to know your “old house” to know you moved to a different location.

The most important thing when choosing a domain is that you like it and stick with it.

If you need help choosing your domain or want cool ideas, here is a handy Business Name Generator from DreamHost, where I work.

Jos Velasco.

CC0 licensed photo by Nilo Velez from the WordPress Photo Directory.

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