My tips for working remotely in a Coffee Shop

Working in a Coffee Shop can be tricky, so I’d like to share my tips for doing it more effectively outside your office.

Find a comfy spot

Let’s face it. You won’t work comfortably on the beach. The sun will block your vision, your drinks will spill, and the sand will make you look ridiculous.

I suggest you work in a coffee shop or a coworking space with air conditioning, real tables, savory food, and fresh coffee.

Do you know what absolute freedom is? You can connect to your personal hotspot so that you won’t have problems with Wi-Fi.

Remember to charge your devices fully so you don’t have to carry or find a spot to charge them. I love carrying only what is needed.

I suggest you transfer big files before arriving at your desired location.

Coffee shops can be noisy. If you need silence to concentrate on your work, headphones can save you, but libraries work better.

White noise can help you flow.

Embrace that you won’t finish your work

More than an hour in a coffee shop is much time, even if I’m in the zone.

I order food from them when I don’t have time to prepare my own at home. I try to order things I can’t usually or easily prepare myself, so it’s worth the money.

Maybe there are many distractions in your home, and coffee shops are your escape.

When I’m out of the office, I like to solve the big picture. I generate ideas, and then when I’m back, I polish them.

I gather inspiration, force myself into a different atmosphere, save my drafts, and return to work hard, refreshed.

Meeting time

Be mindful of the other participants if there is much noise. Activate the option to improve the audio and unmute yourself only when necessary.

Turn off your camera if there are other people around your table.

Remember, real-time meetings can also be organized in a chat. Not everything has to be a video call. Chats use less bandwidth, generate a history, and allow others to join asynchronously.

Unless you are in a place like Japan, keep your things in sight if you go to the restroom.

Drink water!

Jos Velasco

CC0 licensed photo by Marcus Burnette from the WordPress Photo Directory.

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