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Welcome to my home…page, I hope you feel at home and get to know me better. Feel free to call me if you need help. I’ll be around.

I used to have my website as my homepage whenever I opened my browser. This helped me remember to refresh things and, as a mirror, see if what was said in the description matched my perception.

Since I rarely close my browser nowadays, having a homepage set in the browser is not that useful. Still, my website is my home online, and I’d like my guests to feel as comfortable as possible.

So, I Google myself from time to time and update my home sweet homepage. When I add a post, I do mini updates, like moving around furniture blocks.

Waiting time

Sorry for your waiting time. I know things could still be faster, but as this place is also a mini research laboratory, I sometimes run the latest experiments.

Like this one: I hope you enjoy AVIF images as much as I do. And if you didn’t notice them, that was the idea!

Welcome to the lobby. I hope you get to know me quickly. I know, I know! What I do shouldn’t define who I am, but this space mainly shows off my professional skills. I even have a picture of some of the members of my WordPress family for you to see.

I don’t know if this is my house or office; it’s both. I do remote work.

Thanks for visiting my front door

The front door is usually not the most visited page on websites. Each blog post is a hall that connects to the front door. Some standards, like the logo, usually take you to the home page.

The homepage is where you can learn more about everything you can find on the house. In my case, I like to present a quick intro of who I am. It’s like a welcome mat.

Do these analogies sound cheesy to you? That’s the intention: to make my home cozy and personal. If you don’t like it, you know where the exit is, which made me remember those annoying popups that “forced” you to stay.

My living room does not have a dynamic gallery. I like having everything in order and don’t like revolving or flashy things like sliders. I enjoy selling, but with class, I give the visitors control rather than make them think I’m in a hurry to sell.

I’m not trying to convince you of who I am; I’m just sharing little clues, like cookies in a jar. You can take some and help me convince others if you want.

Call me if you need me

You are at your house; feel like you are at your home—really! You can explore and call me if you need me. I’m around if you need help.

Everything should be easy to find: the kitchen is the contact form. Over there are my social networks, a search form, an archive of posts, and an about me. Is it too too standard or boring? I want it to produce a sense of familiarity and be a digital couch with a fireplace.

Please feel free to use the restroom to send me comments or share my posts with a click and subscribe.

I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to hang out. Look around, and enjoy your stay. Come back whenever you want; the door is always open 24/7.

Jos Velasco.

CC0 licensed photo by Marcus Burnette from the WordPress Photo Directory.

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